As Ascerbic And Honest As Ever – John Cooper Clarke Live Reviewed

The place is Bentham, North Craven, Yorkshire, just a few miles across the Lancashire county border. There’s not much here; a school, a few shops and pubs, a local farmers market and an arts and health organisation. But tonight, we’re here not to watch the cattle going to auction or to undertake a community art workshop; we’re here to see the punk-poet-pioneer Dr John Cooper Clarke.

‘Why, of all places is he coming to Bentham?’ I ask myself; three weeks ago he was gigging at Glastonbury and his tour dates this summer have included Cornbury, Ledbury, Latitude and Wickerman Festivals. Yet nonetheless, here we are in Bentham Town Hall, nestled, not so cosily on a sea of orange plastic chairs, waiting for two of Manchester’s finest politically raw poets, Dr John Cooper Clarke and his good friend and fellow Mancunian Mike Garry.

I found the Bard of Salford in top form as he played a low key gig in Yorkshire: satirising the BBC, dementia and the gentrification of Manchester…

To read the full review published by The Double Negative click here…


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